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The Number 1 Secret to a
Successful 'About Me" Page


Getting your 'About Me' page right 


of building your future.

It will be one of the most popular pages on your website, especially amongst new visitors. A Huff/KoMarketing study found 52% of people tend to visit the "About Me' page after they land on a home page.

It is where people decide if you understand them, if they have chemistry with you, and if they like you. Research shows us that potential clients want to know whether they have a "similar story" as you. 

A global study by Cohn & Wolfe revealed that 63% of consumers will buy from a brand they perceive as authentic, and thus trustworthy; and we trust people we know, and we know people through their story.

This is why you have to get your 'About Me' page right, and working hard for you.

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Melanie Gow, by Richard Luu sml

This is Me - MelanieGOW

In some worlds, I am known as a Brand Story Strategist, in my world I believe 

I make legends

I hustled my way into the grown up world in movies, during the rise of the Weinstein era. I developed my effective, reliable, and powerful Million Movies Formula™ to unleash the power in any story.

When I walked with both my sons for 33 days and 800 km across a country, aged 16 and 12, that Million Movies Formula and brand story strategy is how I became a 178% crowd-funded publisher, with a sold-out national inspirational speaking tour, and the invite to stand on the TEDx red circle.

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