A Signature Speech 

will elevate your success like nothing else

The spotlight can establish your expertise, shape how people see you, and enable clients to forge a connection with you and your business fast.

To speak effectively is the equivalent of cold hard cash

7 key steps to a Signature Speech with Melanie Gow

There are 7 KEY steps to every great speech.

The purpose of a great speech is to inspire people to perform better, solve a problem, or get others to follow your lead to a desired outcome - for their business, for their community, for themselves - and to credit you with the change in their lives.

However, ideas can’t be pushed into the mind - they have to be pulled in willingly by our audience.

These 7 Key Steps are in the precise order needed to work the way our minds process information. 

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WHEN you say something is more important than what you are saying. Knowing the purpose of each step and how it leads to the next one, and why it works is the secret to making an impact.   

A great speech will get your message in front of people in the room, and take you straight from the stage to the signing table.

Great Speakers have a competitive edge in the age of ideas, leadership is the art of inspiring others to make a new story come true. These 7 Key Steps will make sure your Signature Speech is confident, captivating and meaningful. 

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This is Me - MelanieGOW

In some worlds, I am known as a Performance Coach and Brand Story Strategist, in my world I believe I make Legends.

I hustled my way into the grown up world in movies, during the rise of the Weinstein era. I developed my effective, reliable, and powerful Firework Framework™ to unleash the power in any Signature Speech.

When I walked with both my sons for 33 days and 800 km across a country, aged 16 and 12, that ​Firework Framework and brand story strategy is how I became a 178% crowd-funded publisher, with a sold-out national inspirational speaking tour, and the invite to stand on the TEDx red circle.

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