It's time...

you have BIG work to do

Discover Your Legend Story


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Are you wondering how you have achieved so much but, are still not where you expected to be?

Do you have a lot of stories, but need clarity on which one will work harder for you? 

Do you know how much your "Distinct Idea Worth Sharing" can deliver to your bottom line? 

Is a TED Talk on your dream list?

It's Time... you have BIG work to do

I know "The Tick Box" syndrome

Usually, people have the logo, the fonts, the website, the SEO, even the colours of their website ticked off the checklist, before they even think of their brand story.

Most people know what they do, and who for and are going all out on sales and marketing, and still feel they are not connecting. 

A lot of people know the importance of their "why", but don't understand why anybody should care.

Few people know what is missing...

from all the shiny objects 

how do you know what to choose?

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YOU are The Shiniest Shiny Object...

Think about how you differentiate yourself, build "Know, Like and Trust", and showcase your passion and expertise right now?

Imagine how much people get to knowlike and trust you through your Story.

Your Story is the most effectiveimmediate, and compelling resource available to you to differentiate yourself in your field.

Your Legend Story is a game changer.

I have seen it time and time again, your LEGEND STORY makes you stand out in a crowd (because you are unique), connect immediately (because emotions are shared by us all), and become unstoppable.


It's Time ... You have BIG work to do!

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Now, let's get to work


For your Legend Story to truly hook people in, resonate emotionally, and inspire people to act, it must be crafted with mastery and insight.

  •   Do You Know 1. how to tell a Signature Story?
  •   Do You Know 2. what stories to join, to get to where you want to be?
  •   Do You Know 3. how to make it matter?

Luckily, I have done this in a ton of different ways myself, and with so many people just like you, leading entrepreneurs, ambitious creatives, and changemakers who need to showcase their passion and expertise, connect authentically, and inspire people to change.

Melanie Gow, by Richard Luu sml

This is Me - MelanieGOW

In some worlds, I am known as a Brand Story Strategist, in my world I believe 

I make legends

I hustled my way into the grown up world in movies, during the rise of the Weinstein era. I developed my effective, reliable, and powerful "The Legend's Journey Process™" to unleash the power in any story.

When I walked with both my sons for 33 days and 800 km across a country, aged 16 and 12, The Legend's Journey Process and brand story strategy is how I became a 178% crowd-funded publisher, with a sold-out national inspirational speaking tour, and the invite to stand on the TEDx red circle.

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 The Legend's Journey 

To unleash the true power of your Brand Story, we will be using my effective, reliable, and powerful "The Legend's Journey Process™" that has told countless stories and made countless dollars.

Developed from my years as a film writer and director, it is a PROVEN process to create a catchy hook, join the right dots in all your experiences, and deliver a Final Kiss that leaves people swooning for you.

"A Great Legend Story Will Elevate Your Success Like Nothing Else" 

A Week of PREP | 7 X INTENSIVE MODULES | 7 Action Taking Lives  | 8 Weeks of Group Implementation

  •   Week 1.  PREP - Why The Legend Story works, and Your "Sassy Signature".
  •   Week 2. "Harness Hindsight" Join Your 2 Dots And Build Your Perfect Empathy Bridge 
  •   Week 3.  It's Your Story, But It's Not About You - Put The Empathy Into The Bridge
  •   Week 4. How the Heck Do I get Out of this? The Throughline, your on Point Promise?
  •   Week 5. The Revelation and Your Great Gift 
  •   Week 6. Why You? Don't Fumble the Humble Brag, and the Power of Social proof 
  •   Week 7.  The Final Kiss - A Call To Action That Converts Like Crazy
  •   Week 8. Power Of The Right Hook - Learn To Open Loops Like The Best Live Performers 
last chance this year, brand story bootcamp October 7th 2019


  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP - This is literally one of the most effective bonuses I can give you, because it is built to give you daily support, tips, and direct feedback on your Legend Story, The mirror that talks to you, and that's where all the reminders and links go.
  • THE SIGNATURE ASSET PORTFOLIO GUIDE - 6 ways you can turn your Signature Story into Signature Assets
  • ABOUT PAGE TEMPLATE - that feels authentic and converts like crazy. The 6 essentials elements of the most popular page on your website, especially for new visitors.

Your Mission should You choose to accept is to discover your legend Story 

The countdown is on for bootcamp  



I can't recommend Melanie highly enough... and if I could pack up her brain and carry it around with me I would :-)

They call her the Legend Maker for a reason... In the same way that Arthur drew the sword from the stone, Melanie will draw your Brand Story out of you. And, once you've discovered your Story, and the power that it holds, there will be no turning back from the legend you were born to be. 

If you haven't signed up to her program - do it now!

Domonique Bertolucci Happiness Expert, Speaker, and Author

 Melanie is a brilliant listener and has a innate, intuitive ability to move through the weeds of your story and get to the golden nugget that will ultimately become the core of your signature story. A few months after my session I was called by a local TEDx planning committee for an interview and, using the title and talk Melanie crafted for me, I was selected! This would have NEVER happened had I not first worked with Melanie to create an idea worth sharing. Thank you Melanie!!

Carol Parker Walsh - Consultant

Melanie facilitated the joining of the dots with my experiences beautifully and showed me I have a powerful story to share. An authentic story I will be able to share across all platforms. At the end of one hour, I felt empowered to do more and be more, and had no doubt that I wanted to continue with the support of Melanie to finish my story. I came off the call with a smile on my face and said out loud “Oooo, she’s magic…”

Donna Edwards - Mindset Coach

Melanie Gow is magic. She will take your personal story and make it meaningful for others, while allowing you to find your own story. All while helping you create a story that you can share that speaks to who you really are. Working with Melanie is not just about making your story matter, it’s about making you matter.

Natasha Lockey - Fitness Coach


Before I met Melanie Gow, I had problems like mixed messages in my storytelling. My stories were emotional but weren't aligned to the concept of "One Idea Worth Sharing" as in a TED talk. After 10 years of successfully helping medical professionals, C-Suite, entrepreneurs, and their Very Important Partners (VIPs) there was no clear strategy; therefore I couldn't start to achieve the visibility that is necessary at my stage of business.
After I worked with Melanie, I was confidently and instantly able to publish an article in a global magazine for executives & leading entrepreneurs, by the name 
SOVEREIGN. This was the starting point for my long overdue and scaled up-visibility phase.

Uwe Dockhorn Lifestyle Liberator, and Anti-Burnout System™




After a year and a half developing, 3 legendary back-to-back, sold-out, beta bootcamps, and nearly $50,000 investment in this program to get you inside your Legend story, and back out again in the sweet spot where you stand out, engage, and feel unstoppable.


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